NSW COVID-19 Business Grants, Action Required to Receive your Next Payment.

Service NSW announced on Friday, 10 September 2021, that businesses and not-for-profit organisations will be required to re-confirm their eligibility to continue to receive JobSaver payments OR Micro Business grants. Subsequent to this announcement, Service NSW delayed the implementation of re-confirmation whilst they consulted with the stakeholders.

JobSaver Grant 
Re-confirmation will now commence for the fortnight ending 26 September 2021.  Each fortnight starting from 26 September 2021, all businesses previously eligible will need to confirm that:

  • The employee headcount on 13 July 2021 (as recorded in the initial application) has been maintained; and
  • The business has continued to experience a decline in turnover of at least 30%.

Businesses can check their decline in turnover each fortnight using one of the following three methods. Please note that whichever method you choose in your first re-confirmation will be the method you are required to use to test for each subsequent fortnight until the JobSaver payments cease.

  • If your initial comparison period was in 2019 or 2020, use the same year but the corresponding fortnight as the current fortnight (rolling comparison period)
  • If your initial comparison period was in 2019 or 2020, use the same comparison period that was used in the initial application (static comparison period)
  • If you used 12 June to 25 June 2021 as your initial comparison period, you must use that same period that was used in the initial application (static comparison period)

Eligibility for JobSaver will need to be re-confirmed each fortnight, and businesses may oscillate between qualifying and not qualifying from one fortnight to the next. A business can exit and re-enter JobSaver multiple times. For example, if you are ineligible for the fortnight ending 26 September 2021 but meet the eligibility requirements for future fortnights, you will continue to receive the payments only for the fortnights you were eligible for.

Service NSW also stated that business can delay their re-confirmation if, for example, you need to finalise your month-end accounting records. You can also re-confirm for multiple fortnights in one go. Your MyService NSW Business Profile will show you the fortnights for which confirmation is still required. Service NSW has said that payment will be made within 5 days of lodging your re-confirmation declaration.

Whilst Service NSW did delay the implementation of re-confirmation, when you log in to your Service NSW account, there will be a re-confirmation declaration for the fortnight ending 12 September 2021 available for your completion.  Businesses are required to complete this re-confirmation declaration; however, your answers will not affect your payment eligibility for the fortnight ending 12 September.  In most cases, you will have already received the payment for the fortnight ending 12 September 2021.

The first fortnightly payment that will be subject to the results of your re-confirmation declaration is the fortnight ending 26 September 2021. If you don’t lodge your re-confirmation for this fortnight, your payments will cease.

Micro-Business Grant
The re-confirmation process for the Micro-Business Grant will be the same as JobSaver, with the exception that the first fortnightly payment requiring a re-test will be the fortnight ending 3 October 2021

Need Assistance
There is no requirement for an accountants letter for the re-confirmation of either Grant.  The business is required to lodge the declaration directly with Service NSW through their Service NSW Account. However, we are here to help should you need assistance with checking your decline in turnover.  Please contact our office by emailing [email protected] for a quote.

Further information
Further information is available from the Service NSW website on re-confirming eligibility for:

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