ATO Payments – watch out for SCAMS

We have been contacted this week by a client who searched online for ATO credit card payment details. The client was directed to a replica site. Whilst the site looked real, it unfortunately was a scam. The client only picked up the scam, as the amount processed through his card was greater than the amount he authorised. If you are trying to find your ATO payment details, the best method would be to refer to an ATO payment slip we have previously emailed you, login to your My.Gov account or contact our office. If you are trying to make a payment by credit card, the ATO does have an online payment portal, however, you need to be sure that you access the payment portal from the official ATO website.

We were also contacted by clients who received final warnings via automated voice messages. The ATO will generally write to you (in the first instance) if you owe them money (i.e. the phone call should not come as surprise). They may also call you, but they would never use an automated voice service. The ATO will also never threaten imminent legal action or involve the police over the phone. If the ATO is going to take legal action they will send you a letter. If you are ever concerned that the person you are talking to over the phone is not the ATO, politely tell the person that you are unsure of their identity and would prefer to contact the ATO directly. To contact the ATO directly, please see the following link